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Techsmart Services are the experts in data cabling. All our technicians and electricians hold relevant cabling licenses that qualify them to work with all types of cables and wiring.

We provide your home, commercial space, business, office, retail space, apartment with high-quality data cabling installation across Sydney. If
you are looking for data cabling to connect between desktops, floors and even buildings, Techsmart Services can assist you. Our technicians are specially trained to constantly keep up to date with the latest cabling standards and techniques.

We also provide custom and personalised data cabling at home if you are looking to install your new television or electronic device and needs to be connected via a cable where wireless technology is not available. This way the cables are hidden away from sight for a clean look.
Potential trip hazards and electrocution are also eliminated in the

For office and commercial spaces that require large amounts of data cabling and long cables throughout the building, leave it to us.
Techsmart Services can install professionally structured cabling and terminate existing cabling. We install data cables to the highest standards to ensure reliable and superior performance of network speed and bandwidth.

Phone Data Points is established with the purpose of providing our customers with the honest and helpful network cabling services at the most competitive prices. We serve both residential and commercial customers across Sydney and deliver effective solutions through prompt, reliable and professional services.

Our staff are fully licensed ACMA technicians.

Our staff are fully licensed ACMA technicians.

Phone cabling, internet cabling, cat6 data cabling & even the NBN, within Australia requires a licensed ACMA certified technician to perform installation or maintenance on residential and commercial structures.

So if you’ve just got that NBN connected or need a repair / require an extra phone point installed, you’ll still need a registered approved cabler to install and terminate your cabling.

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